Virtual Offices

A Virtual Office is a collection of services designed to save you not only time but money. The service does this by supplying your company with a hub to operate from without having to pay for expensive things such as furniture, staff and office fit outs.

Virtual offices are perfect for businesses of any size be they start ups, solo operations or even publically traded multinationals. This is because a virtual office is simply a subscription service with supplies your company with the essentials for operation with very little overhead and the ability to be infinitely mobile.

These essentials include things like an address in a central location, a post office box for mailing address purposes, a Brisbane phone number and voicemail line, telephone answering service, virtual receptionist and virtual secretary, mail management service and cheap meeting room hire.

For more information on this topic we actually have a blog article covering this very topic -

We offer 4 packages at the moment, with each package building upon the other in order to give you a full range of business support services.

Our four packages are:

  • Virtual Office - Address Only
  • Virtual Office - Phone Only
  • Virtual Office - Comms Package (Address & Phone)
  • Virtual Office - Ultimate Package (Address, Phone, Discounted Meeting Rooms & 3 Hours Free Shared Office Time)

For details on each specific package, please refer to our virtual offices page or contact us by either calling, emailing or lodging a quick enquiry by pressing the button on the top right hand corner of the website.

We do not offer a virtual office designed specifically for start-up businesses as our packages are designed to be as low cost as possible. The Address Only package for example is only $100 + GST per month and with that you can get a business registration address, PO Box, business address and basic mail management. Essentially all the things you need to set up your company on ASIC, make business cards and setup a website.

We are more than happy to discuss setting up a custom virtual office package with you.

We simply ask that you please refer first to our virtual office page, have a look which packages include which services and what extras or substitutions you would need for your business. Then just contact us and let us know exactly what you need and what your budget is, and we will do our best to accommodate.

We do not publicly list the prices for all of our virtual office packages as they can change from time to time. To find out the pricing of an individual package, please call, email or lodge a quick enquiry via the website.

We can have you signed up in the same day as you enquire, as we have simplified our application process down to one simple form which we use to create your account, license agreement & operating procedures.

To sign up:
• Enquire with us via phone, email or via the quick enquiry button
• A member of our staff will contact you to discuss your needs, our costings and the services we can offer your business and send you a “company details form” via email
• Complete the form and return it, along with copies of some supporting documentation (scanned copy of the drivers licence of at least 1 company director - and a copy of your business registration certificate or an equivalent legal document).
• After reviewing your paperwork and doing some research on our end we will send you a license agreement for your virtual office as well as an initial invoice (1 month’s rent + security deposit of 1 months).
• Once the license agreement has been returned and the invoice is paid, we will authorise the agreement on our end and begin setting up your virtual office
• Once everything is set up on our end, we will send you a welcome book which will detail all of the information you will need for your virtual office, including your new business address, PO Box, fax number and phone number (if included in package) and more. We will also send you a services price list so that you can review what other services we can offer you, so that you can know more about how MBC can assist your business.

Alternative Sign up method:
• Go to our virtual office page
• Click sign up today!
• Complete the online signup form and supply the supporting documentation
• We will review the submitted form and once approved send you a license agreement and initial invoice
• Once the initial invoice is paid we will begin setting up your virtual office
• Once everything is set up on our end, we will send you a welcome book which will detail all of the information you will need for your virtual office, including your new business address, PO Box, fax number and phone number (if included in package) and more. We will also send you a services price list so that you can review what other services we can offer you, so that you can know more about how MBC can assist your business.

The virtual office agreements are by default operated on a month-to-month operating term, with one calendar months notice required in writing to terminate the agreement.

Alternatively you can sign up for 12 months and pay up front, and we will supply you with a 20% discount off your total cost as a thank you

By default the virtual offices are paid for on a month to month basis, with every month’s invoice paying for a month in advance (i.e. Junes invoice pays for July’s usage).

If you would like to pay in advance for an extended period you are more than welcome to, please just let our team know how many months you wish to pay for at once and we will arrange for an invoice to be generated for you.

As a standard, we offer a 20% discount off the virtual offices if you want to pay for an entire year up front

Of course, please feel free to use the Milton Business Centre’s address for your company’s registration, for however long you are a client of ours.

We ask that you let us know if you are doing this, however that is more of a formality than a requirement.

Please note that if at any point you choose to terminate your virtual office, we will require you to remove our address from your registration and any other marketing / future legal documentation.

You can change your information and procedures at any time, please just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with whatever changes you require and we will process these ASAP.

If you are changing things like the name of your business, its directors or the business owners, we will need this to be notified us in the form of a letter headed and signed document as these changes may impact your license agreement and a new one may be required, depending on the scale of the changes you are making.

We definitely can, mail is collected on a daily basis from the post office and parcels can be signed for by our reception staff during business hours.

Please ensure that your mail and parcels have some form of identifier on them to show us that they belong to you so that we can process them and inform you of their arrival, as anything with a name we do not recognise is listed as return to sender.

If you are an accountant, have multiple trading names or receive mail on behalf of your clients as part of your business, please send us a list of all the names we may receive mail for and we can add these to our database as reference for when the mail is processed in the morning.

The mail is collected daily from the PO Box and post office and processed at the front desk. From there all office tenants mail is delivered to them in person and the virtual office clients have their mail lodged in a database and processed according to their instructions.

By default all mail received will be dated and stored on site for collection. For an additional cost we can forward your mail to another location or scan and email a copy once it is received and logged.

For security and convenience all mail which has been scanned and emailed is stored for one month and then destroyed, that way if the letter is important you can come and collect it or have us forward it to you in a new envelope.

We can guarantee you that all calls are answered on-site here in Milton, Brisbane. The same people that you speak with every day on the phone are the ones you meet in person when you come in for a meeting or just a chat. We prefer to keep as much as possible in house as we feel it creates a more genuine and human experience for our clients.

If you have any queries regarding your phone lines or wish to have their configuration altered, please feel free to speak with any member of our staff. Our onsite team are responsible for not only the answering of the phone lines but also their setup, configuration and day to day maintenance and will be your go to source for all phone queries.

We definitely can, all we will need is access to your calendar management platform and a set of procedures/guidelines to follow (e.g. information on your prices, availability and maybe some FAQ’s to help our staff with questions they may receive).

As with all of our services, calendar and appointment management is charged in simple 5 minute blocks with each block costing $4 + GST.

Our staff will greet and assist your client to the best of their ability and at no point do we indicate to your guest that this is a virtual office service or that your business is not operated from this location.

Typically once greeted we will tell your visitor that there is no one available at the moment in the office and ask for their name, contact details and a message to pass on. From here we will send an email message through with the details we have been supplied and recount so that email you to say you had a visitor and supply you with whatever details we can give so that you can follow-up with them.

If it is authorised and the information has been supplied, we can try to contact someone in your business to assist the enquiry and hand over any brochures or business cards we have on site which may be relevant to that client.

The typical virtual environment is whatever you want it to be. You set up your workspace be it your home office, your local Starbucks or library and we will handle your phone call answering, mail receiving and any jobs you request of us. The Milton Business Centre works as a support system for you and will filter out all the spam phone calls, mail leaving you only the genuine enquiries to deal with.

If you wish to continue to use a phone number you are already renting or own, simply forward it to the number we assign you as part of your virtual office and your clients will never know the difference. 

A traditional office entails renting out a part or an entire floor of an office building and then paying to have it furnished and possibly fitted out. Some leasing agents will include the fit out of the office as part of your lease but you are still looking at a multiyear agreement and thousands of dollars in rent every month.

With a virtual office, instead of paying thousands, you are paying less than $300 a month and you have no obligation to stay long term.

A virtual differentiates itself from its traditional counterpart by supplying your with all of the services of an office (phones, receptionists, meeting rooms etc.) but no physical fixed location to work out of. Meaning that you can operate from anywhere in the world, be that your couch, bed, coffee shop, library or from your local co-working space & meeting room hire venue.

Yes, we can do just about anything you will require, please just ask – We charge these services in blocks of 5 minutes with each block costing $4 + GST.

For more information please refer to our virtual receptionist page or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you have questions about our Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices or Meeting Spaces, please feel free to contact us by phoning direct on (07) 3842 3111, Emailing or fill in your details below

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