We recently came across this blog post by Colan Nielsen at Sterlingsky regarding virtual offices (VO) and Google My Business (GMB) in which Colan basically states that due to GMB’s guidelines virtual offices are not eligible to be utilized as business listings. As this topic is one which we as a business centre have over 20 years of experience in, we decided to write up a quick rebuttal and let everyone know how this is not necessarily the case.


Our key point is virtual staff are your staff and the business centre is your office location.  From the moment you sign your agreement with the virtual office, the staff on site are authorised representatives of you and your company. They answer phone calls, help clients with enquiries, take messages, manage your calendar, handle your appointments and process your mail. All the jobs that would be done by your staff but for a lower cost as they are essentially operating as contractors for you.


When you’re looking for the right office space for your business there’s a few essentials that everyone needs. Air conditioning for our humid Brisbane summers, internet, phone etc. These are the essentials. But what about all the things you might not think of when looking at an office space in and around Brisbane? We’ve put together a list of things you may want to consider when contemplating office space in Brisbane to help you choose the best serviced office provider.

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If you’ve been looking for a place to setup your business you may have come across the term ‘serviced offices’ and thought to yourself, “I wonder what they’re all about?”. Well we’re here to help outline all the different aspects of serviced offices, how they work, what they cost, what they come with and any other questions you may have about serviced offices in general.

If you’ve stumbled across this blog article (perhaps searching for serviced offices in Brisbane or trying to find out more info about serviced offices) and would like to speak with someone about the ins and outs of serviced offices, please feel free to call us at any stage on 1800 629 143 and one of our professional consultants would be more than happy to have a chat with you.

Before we get into answering all your questions about serviced offices (sometimes called instant offices, business offices, commercial offices, etc) it’s important to understand what a serviced office actually is.

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When it comes to running a smart business, everyone is looking for ways to increase productivity, reduce spending and run their business in a more streamlined fashion. There are multiple ways to do this and many companies look at how they can optimise their office setup.

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Virtual offices seem to be all the rage at the moment. Everyone is talking about running their business using the latest technology like hot desks, telecommuting, mobile offices or virtual offices. With all these terms being thrown around it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with latest trends, buzzwords and technology so we’ve put together this informative article to explain in detail exactly what a virtual office is, if you might benefit from one and how they actually work.

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When you’re starting out in business, creating your own business from scratch or just concentrating on building your business, there’s going to be many hours you need to dedicate in your office to this task.

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So you’ve heard the term virtual office address being tossed around the internet or in different articles you read and you’re wondering if a virtual address for business might be the right choice for you. This article explains what they are, why you might want one and how to go about getting one. 

  meeting from good to great

Meetings. They can be a great way to get a group of people together to do amazing things or can be one of the biggest time wasters in your organisation. Meetings typically last for around an hour, sometimes more if they’re not run properly and the layout of your room, how it’s run and the way it’s organised can all impact on productivity and the end result of your meetings.

In this article we talk about room layout, different ways to run a meeting and how to get the most of the time you have your clients or team together.

To get something done a committee should consist of no more than three people, two of whom are absent.
– Robert Copeland
We all joke about meetings being a big waste of time however, when they’re run correctly, they can be an invaluable part of a smooth running business. This is why it’s important to have your room layout and process organised before your meeting so you can get the most out of it. 


When you work in a startup or small business, it can sometimes be a lonely experience. Working from home is great and being able to take your laptop to the local cafe and work remotely certainly has it’s benefits – however, we’re social creatures at heart and sometimes having other people to talk to, bounce ideas off and get advice from can be invaluable.

Co-working spaces or shared offices are becoming more and more popular with the increase in internet start-ups and small businesses that work predominately online in Australia, and the benefits of working with a group of like-minded business owners can be invaluable to your fledgling company.

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When you sign up for an affordable virtual office space, what are you really getting? Is it the address, the reception services, the features, the optional extras? This will really depend on what you want out of your virtual office and how you expect to use it.

As you will see as we go through this article, not all cheap virtual offices are created equal. You might think you’re getting a great deal when you find a virtual office company that only charges you pittance for their virtual office services, but what are you really getting and is it a sustainable business model for them (meaning are they going to be around in another year’s time?).

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If you’ve ever wondered about setting up a virtual office but haven’t quite gotten around to it, we’re here to give you a guide of what you can expect when you set up a virtual office with Milton Business Centre.

Why set up a virtual office?

There’s a whole host of benefits to setting up a virtual office with us. Here’s just a few reasons to think about setting one up for your office:-

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When you’re moving into an executive office, there’s a lot think about. First, you need to organise the office space to suit your working environment, get your desk, furniture and decor in order, get your team motivated and organised and that’s before you start getting in touch with clients, coordinating meetings or making appointments!

Below is our insider's guide to running a successful executive office. We’ve put this together because we’ve had a lot of experience working with all types of executives and business people, setting up their offices and helping them establish their business in our Brisbane based executive office spaces

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There are many and varied benefits to moving your business into a managed office and no matter what stage your business is at, a managed office can have multiple advantages.

Before we dive into the different benefits of a managed office it’s important to understand what a managed office actually is. 

Whether you’re moving into a long term, temporary or serviced office space, there’s a lot to think about. Most likely you’ve just started your business or there’s been some major change and that’s going to potentially take away some of your focus. In today's world it’s pretty common for all of us to spread our attention across multiple activities, but we also want to ensure that the job we do is as good as it can be.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 6 most common mistakes that people make when they’re researching or calling up about a serviced or temporary office in Brisbane.

If you’ve got a meeting you need to run in Brisbane but don’t have a central office, then hiring out meeting space is the perfect solution for you. By finding a meeting room for rent in Brisbane, you and your clients can meet in a central location, have all the privacy and quiet you need (unlike a coffee shop or cafe) and you can get down to the business of making deals and moving your business forward.

Meeting room hire gives you the unique opportunity of getting a room close to the Brisbane CBD that everyone can find easily, whilst having access to all the necessary IT equipment you might need for a meeting, presentation or pitch. Your clients will also get a professional front desk greeting when they walk through the door.

Finding the right meeting room in Brisbane can be a bit of a challenge, but if you know what you’re looking for and what to ask, it’s a very straight forward process. We’re here to help you figure out the things you should think about and the questions you might want to ask when enquiring about meeting rooms for hire in Brisbane.

When you first move into a temporary office there’s often a lot on your plate. You may be starting a new venture or looking to change your office situation from permanent to temporary. Whatever the reason for needing a serviced or temporary office in Brisbane, there are always new and interesting approaches to preserving a high level of productivity.

We’ve put together some of the best hints and tips we can find to keep yourself motivated and focused when you need a temporary office solution like ours.

Keep focused and stay on target with these productivity tips


Instant offices are a great way to get into an office space or a new business started quickly. Instant offices (sometimes called ‘serviced offices’ or ‘flexi offices’) offer flexibility and options that you just don’t get from leasing or renting office space.

You may be in the process of setting up a new business and are looking for office space in the Brisbane area, or your lease may be running out in your current location and you’re looking for some more flexible options for office space.

"An instant office should be comfortable, flexible and enable every business to be more productive. It should be a space where great things happen and work gets done!"

Carol Bailey, Managing Director

Whatever the reason you’re looking into an instant office, there’s no doubt going to be a list of questions you will have and possibly many things you haven’t thought of. That’s why we’ve put together this article about everything you need to know about setting up an instant office!

If there’s something we haven’t covered in this article or you have questions about our services, please feel free to call us on 1800 629 143 or contact us.

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The Milton Business Centre is a provider of premium furnished office spaces in Milton (approx 1 km north west of the Brisbane CBD).

We provide a range of serviced office spaces and meeting room facilities for customers from all across Australia. With the flexibility of monthly or three, six or 12 month packages, you will be sure to find a room style and package to suit your needs.

With internet connections getting faster every year and more and more people using the web to run their business, it’s little surprise that more businesses are looking to run their operations from home-based premises or from multiple locations via the internet.

Technology has enabled us to work in a virtual environment from pretty much anywhere around the country. Your team can be working in different states or cities and still be able to collaborate and work together like they’re sitting in a room together.


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