1. The tenant agrees to pay the rent and any additional service charges, credit bureau charges, government fees and taxes including GST, incurred, on the date stated in Part 1 item 10 (25th of every calendar month) on time to the landlord.  Late payments will incur account management fees and interest charges.
  2. The tenant may only use the services or premises for the tenant's business as stated in Part 1 and must not use the services or premises for an illegal purpose, or cause a nuisance by use of the premises or interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of any other occupant of the Milton Business Centre ("MBC").
  3. The tenant must not transfer, assign or sublet its interest under this agreement.  If exceptional circumstances arise such that MBC needs to terminate the lease on the building prior to termination of the tenant’s agreed lease term, MBC will endeavour to reinstate the tenant in another adjacent centre to an equivalent standard and cover costs associated with the relocation.
  4. If the tenant is in breach of this agreement, the landlord may serve written notice on the tenant to remedy the breach.  If the tenant does not remedy the breach within three (3) business days of the tenant's receipt of the notice, the landlord may terminate this agreement.  The tenant agrees to indemnify the landlord against all losses damages and expenses which he may sustain or be put unto by reason of any neglect, misconduct, or misperformance of the tenant of any condition of this agreement.
  5. Should any dispute arise as to the meaning or application of any condition of this agreement the landlord's decision shall be final and binding upon all parties.
  6. A fully refundable security deposit equal to one (1) month's rent is required on commencement of the LTOA. This to be refunded at the time of vacation after all outstanding invoices are paid and provided no other outstanding monies are owing.
  7. This agreement may be brought to an end by the Client or MBC at the end date stated in it or at the end of any renewal period by giving at least one (1) calendar months notice in writing before the end date of this LTOA or any renewal period.  “A calendar month” is one month commencing on the first day of the calendar month and finishing on the last day of that same calendar month (eg. The whole of June, the whole of July etc). The virtual office fees are required to be paid until the expiration of the licence term or any renewal period. If a new LTOA is not signed one (1) calendar months before the expiration of this LTOA, the LTOA will roll over automatically for the same term.  If early termination is required and Milton Business Centre is requested to do so by the licensee, the penalty for early termination is the forfeiture of the security deposit.  If the Client leaves any property in the Centre, MBC may dispose of it at the Client’s cost in any way MBC chooses without owing the Client any responsibility for it or any proceeds of the sale. 
  8. The landlord will not in any circumstances have any liability for loss of the tenants business, loss of profits, loss of anticipated savings, loss or damage to data, third party claims or any consequential loss.  The landlord strongly advises the tenant to insure against all such potential loss, damage, expense or liability.
  9. If a client employs a Milton Business Centre employee or ex-employee within 2 years of their termination from Milton Business Centre, to their own staff or any subsidiary, affiliated or related entity during tenancy and including 2 years after termination of LTOA, a non-negotiable charge of 25% of the individuals total yearly salary with his/her new employer (including superannuation and the financial value of any benefits provided to that individual) will apply. The tenant agrees to pay this fee to Milton Business Centre. Should an employee introduced to a tenant be passed on to a third party with a resulting engagement, or should a third party engage a Milton Business Centre employee in any capacity as a result of the actions of a tenant, then the tenant will be liable for payment of this fee as set out in these terms and conditions.


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